A “custom home” is a home that is customized to fit your budget and lifestyle. Whether it be luxurious, contemporary, modern, traditional, or Multi-family.
A multi-story house in a modern housing development. With today’s rising prices on single family homes, town homes are more affordable and desired by all.
JET understands that trends have changed from when your original home was built. We work together with you to put your home back together more modern & energy efficient than ever.
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Our team builds eco-friendly homes that will stand strong for decades. All our construction happens with health & safety in mind. Focusing on timeless quality homes for the families of British Columbia. We work together with the community every step of the way. As times change so do we. Our vibrant team loves coming up with new ideas & work hard on keeping up with new trends, year after year. Jet is focused and determined in helping build a better British Columbia.

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  • Custom Homes
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Our clients’ reviews

Dylan & Paulo Brar,Harj Sandhu,Mickey Saraon,Nav Sandhu,Vivian,Travis & Heath Braitch,Dylan Boon,
"We hired Jet to build our dream home. He was awesome from start to finish. Very trustworthy & honest. His company never backed down from any request we had. All our needs were fully met. We recommend Jet to anyone that has anything to do with construction. Great service great company."
Dylan & Paulo Brar,
Langley B.C.
"Honest, trustworthiness, & knowledgeable. All the tradesman were great. We got the executive house we always dreamed of. Hire them and you won’t be disappointed."
Harj Sandhu,
"We bought a Townhouse at Fleetwood Peak in 2017 from this company. It’s beautiful and we never have any problem with our home. The value is gone up so much we are so happy to come home everyday to our beautiful home. Thanks Jet."
Mickey Saraon,
Surrey/Fleetwood BC
"We are very happy with our new townhouse in Fleetwood Peak It’s beautiful. We lived in it for 1year & just sold it for a $100,000 profit. Thank you Jet."
Nav Sandhu,
Surrey/Fleetwood BC
"Jet is a good home builder. We had some floor problem due to house settlement after few months of buying the townhouse. Jet came and fixed it perfectly. They Cleaned up their mess and were in and out within hours. Good job & Thank you."
Surrey/Fleetwood BC
"We hired this company to build us a house on Eagle Mountain in Abbotsford. No complaints. The house was for investment we sold it made good money. Jet & their workers handled their business professionally. Did not shy away from any deficiencies. All deficiencies were rectified until we were satisfied. The person that bought the house was very happy. Solid company!!"
Travis & Heath Braitch,
Home Owner
"This company was a pleasure to work with. It was the first house we had ever built. All tradesman were respectful and courteous. Jerry worked with our family from start to finish. All our questions and issues were taken care of in a professional manner. Their determination to complete our project was impressive."
Dylan Boon,
Surrey/Cloverdale BC
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