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Proudly born and raised in Surrey BC. We have primarily built brand new custom homes in the City of Surrey, Langley, & Abbotsford. Jet Custom Homes was established in 2009. Up until 2015 we were only building new single family homes. In 2016 came “Fleetwood Peak” our most recent project. We successfully built 19 multi-family townhouse units. We welcome you to browse through our website to see our past and upcoming 2018/2019 model Single Family Homes & Townhomes. All our new home or townhome construction is backed up by 2-5-10yr Pacific Home Warranty. We work hard to keep our record impeccable with all of our clients (BBB Accredited). Our growing network and top class service has enabled us to expand our house construction services to the Water & Fire Restoration sector of construction. Feel free to contact us 24/7 when emergencies happen we will be there to guide and help. Thank you for visiting our site.

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With 15+ years experience in the Construction, Real Estate, & Insurance industry, JET CUSTOM HOMES is well trusted with your greatest asset- your home.

JET focuses on making a eco-friendly energy efficient Custom Home. We also focus on building a structure that will stand strong for decades. JET is current with all the trends. In todays rapidly changing world high efficiency is essential and there is no room for error. Every home just keeps getting better and better.

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